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Making it easier for you to reach your goals in your business, career or life.

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Is this you?

The idea of doing something different feels too overwhelming?


So much so sometimes nothing different is done or nothing changes?

Which means you end up having the same results?

That's where I can help.

I'm naturally curious and comfortable with change.  Over the years, I've been able to help others get more comfortable to try and do things differently, whether that's evolving approach to winning clients or gaining clarity on what career they'd like.

Hello. I'm Natasha.

Consultant & Coach

I advise and coach teams and individuals to be more strategic and intentional, helping them gain the confidence and clarity needed so they can grow their business or make changes in their life or career.

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What I Offer

Business development


Solo and small business owners.


Holistic competitive strategy review and development for to include for client growth, in particular for pursuits, bids and tenders.


You will be able to offer relevant, tailored solutions and compelling offers, that will make it easier for to get more clients and grow your business.

Pitch & job interview coaching


Individuals, solo and small business owners (maximum twenty people).


Tailored advice and strategic coaching on how to develop your "story" and pitch content.


Compelling pitches and job interviews that "connect", with decision-makers, which will improve your confidence and improve your chances of getting that client or job.

Team and 1 to 1  coaching


Individuals, team leaders and small teams (maximum twenty people).

For team leaders and teams


Client focussed, future-looking team coaching and 360 feedback to reflect and agree what future performance needs to look like.


Renewed and reenergised internal collaboration and connection to enhance client service delivery and product offer.

For individuals


Strategic personal and business coaching to help feel less "stuck" and unsure about the next steps.



Greater clarity and confidence to make the desired changes to your business or changes in your career or life.

Client debriefs and feedback


Business owners and SME's


Independent client debriefs and surveys with key stakeholders


Valuable insights and feedback delivered independently, so you can protect important relationships, on client service delivery to inform future strategy.

About Me

I’m Tash and I’m an experienced business development consultant, specialising in competitive bids and pursuits - winning multiple million-dollar global deals by coaching people and teams develop their strategy, value proposition and selling messages. I’m also a qualified accredited coach, with a background in personal change, whether that be in life or career, focussing on confidence and mindset.

What I do

I help solo and small businesses improve their clarify, confidence and strategy in what they do and what they are offering, so they can win more work, gain more clients and grow their business. I also provide team and 1-to-1 coaching services. For both, I do this in a holistic, fun, empowering, instinctive and strategic way, taking time to understand the need first, which means you will benefit from a personalised service tailored to you.


Right now, I can genuinely say I am really content and like who I am. It definitely hasn’t always felt like that and I’m grateful for recognising it’s okay to ask for help. Where I am today, began over ten years ago, following a particularly tough time in a previous job. I had to start again and I spent a lot of time figuring out who I was, who I wanted to be, what I enjoy, what I’m naturally good at and what genuinely interests me.

It’s from this self-reflection that I recognised there’s a reason people like talking to me and that I really do like working with others - I like sharing what I know to help people succeed. I’m naturally a good listener, open-minded and fair and I've repeatedly been told I make people feel comfortable enough to share what's really on their mind. So that was the beginning of my journey to learn more about coaching to enhance my existing consulting skills, which led to me becoming an ICF and EMCC accredited coach. Since then, I have studied further and hold the following selection of qualifications and accreditations - Eight Tensions ® Coach, Neuromindfulness ® Practitioner and Systemic Team Coach certification.

My experience

I’ve worked at some of the largest companies in the world, such as EY and Deloitte in a range of roles including account management, strategic bid consulting and leadership and career coaching. This means I bring a diverse range of skills, insight and knowledge in what I offer.

I’ve helped change mindsets and approach to winning work and gaining new clients and my goal is to make this easier, especially for solo or small businesses, who know they need to do something different to standout to grow their business.

How I work

A coaching approach underpins how I work. My style is to listen and understand, rather than just tell. I take a holistic approach to how I work - at the heart of everything is a person or a team, not a topic or an issue – and I always start with that.

What to expect

One thing I can guarantee when we work together, is there will be nothing light-touch about my approach.


We’re really going to dig deep and explore - there will be no "cookie-cutter" approach. It's important I understand the whole picture to help you get to where you want to be. We'll work together to create the best solution or approach for your unique needs to set you up for success as soon as possible. 

What to do next

Curious about how I could help? Click here to get in touch. Let's see if we can work together.

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